It seems everyone is getting a website so, here I am, diving in with both feet!

I'm still not certain how or why I'm creating this website, but, for now, it is a place to post my tributes to Trixie Belden, and to share a bit about myself with anyone that happens to wander by.

A few years ago, I came upon a box of books that I had saved for almost forty years; my set of Trixie Belden Mysteries. I immediately stopped what I was doing to sit on the floor and peruse them. It's difficult to explain the warm feelings that created. It was kind of like hearing about an old friend you haven't seen in years, or perhaps looking through an old yearbook. While going through my cherished "Trixies" I was reminded that, after all those years, I still had books 1-9 and 11-15, but not number 10, "Marshland Mystery". I'd read the book at least once when I was a child, but never had my own copy.

When I got the opportunity, I went on the internet in search of the missing book and learned that, with the books no longer in print, my only hope of ever completing the set would be to buy a used book. I checked further and found that depending on which book, which edition, and the condition of the book (of course), the cost ranged from twenty-five cents to well over ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS. My elusive Number Ten "glossy" or "cellophane", that sold for 59 cents new, was selling for around $25.00.

Just out of curiosity I typed "Trixie Belden" into a search engine.

WHAT A PANDORA'S BOX I OPENED. I couldn't begin to count all the the websites I found devoted to Trixie and the other series books I read as a child. Of course, I began clicking on some of the sites. I found a wealth of information about the books, the authors, and fans. There are numerous Trixie Belden websites for sharing information and fan-fiction (a totally new concept to me). I found that there even is a Trixie Belden Convention each summer. Just as I had been totally enchanted by the books as a child, I became hooked on this whole new internet-based world of Trixie Belden fans, with its multitude of internet sites and resources, and the wonderful people who call themselves Trixie friends.

I lurked on the bulletin board sites for awhile, spending hours every evening reading volumes of fan fiction. For me, reading fan fiction is something like going to a school reunion; learning what had happened to once-dear friends I hadn't seen in years (at least what happened in the authors' minds). Finally, I introduced myself and then, with a great deal of apprehension, I submitted my own short story to the Trixie Belden Homepage. "Way in a Manger" was my first attempt at writing fiction since high school. I was amazed that people actually liked it!

I was totally hooked. By writing those stories I had found a way to visit my old friends, the Bob-Whites of the Glen and, by posting them on the internet, I could share my creative efforts with other people.

Ever since that first short story, I have wanted to expand my creative efforts. I jumped right into developing an anthology called "A Bob-White Trilogy". Halfway into it, family responsibilities became overwhelming and had to take precedence. I managed to finish a few short stories but real life kept interfering with my writing. Now, I've resolved to take care of myself and to explore some new creative outlets. Development of this website is the first of my efforts in creativity!


This is Trixie Belden and her best friend, Honey Wheeler. It is from the "Deluxe" edition of "Secret of the Mansion". The summer I discovered Trixie Belden, MY best friend (who had introduced me to the books) and I spent hours riding around on our bicycles in search of our own mysteries to solve. That could be the two of us in the picture that fateful summer in the early 1960's.

Trixie and Honey

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