I have several web sites I try to visit on a regular basis. Some are related to Trixie, and some to my personal life other than Trixie. Here are a few:

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Please note: The stories located at this site contain minimal uses of profanity, sexual innuendo, or adult subject matter, and should not offend most people. However, they are written for an adult audience and not for children. The Bob-Whites depicted in these stories are responsible, moral individuals, but they are facing contemporary adult situations and decisions. The author has attempted to deal with these issues sensitively, so as not to offend anyone. However, if you think you might be offended by reading about the Bob-Whites as adults, please don't read further.

As a proud member of the Jixemitri Author community, I have rated my stories according to the guidelines for the Jixemitri Star ratings. Visit the Jixemitri Story Ratings page for an explanation of the star system. Any story that is rated with a red star requires the Jixemitri password. If you would like the password, please email with your name and date of birth, including the year. If you are over the age of majority, the password will be given to you. In the spirit of the original Bob-Whites of the Glen, we ask that you respond completely and honestly.

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