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Mostof my fan-fiction writing to date has been a part of the "Bob-White Universe" that includes the "Bob-Trilogy" and related short stories.


A Bob White Trilogy:

Trilogy Homepage




Some short stories from my Bob-White Universe.
These may or may not lead into longer works in
the future.

Sleepyside 10562

My most recent universe debuted in 2009. Join Trixie and the other Bob-Whites as they experience the tumultuous 1960s.

Butterflies Above Our Nation Homepage

As part of the 2006 Jixaversary, I contributed to the Group Brian story:

Breaking Murphy's Law

For the 2010 Jixaversary, I contributed to the Team Dan story:

Ring of Fire

I've also made a VERY public confession of my addiction to all things Trixie:

Tribute to Trixie: A Confession to My Coworkers


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Any story that is rated with a red star requires the Jixemitri password. If you would like the password, please email with your name and date of birth, including the year. If you are over the age of majority, the password will be given to you. In the spirit of the original Bob-Whites of the Glen, we ask that you respond completely and honestly.