I read my first Trixie Belden mystery story the summer of 1961, and was immediately enchanted by the spunky 13-year-old from Sleepyside-on-the-Hudson, New York and her friends, the Bob Whites of the Glen.

Anyone 13 that summer would have been born in 1948, which, coincidentally, is the year that the first Trixie Belden book was released. I have always liked to think that, IF Trixie were real, she would have been born in 1948, and only a few years older than I!

For several years, I have played with the idea of creating a universe with Trixie being born in 1948, so that all her original adventures would have occurred around 1961-63, EXACTLY when I was reading them. If she had been allowed to age, she would have graduated from high school in 1966, right in the midst of the Vietnam War, the Civil Rights and Woman's Liberation movements, and a decade of rapid social change and turmoil.

How would Trixie and her friends have responded to those chaotic times? Would they have been immune to it all or would they have chosen to “turn on, tune out and drop out”? To find out, I invite you to join me in an entirely new Trixie Belden Universe.

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